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If you want to live a unique experience, join our volunteer community

The MUNTANYES DE PRADES EPIC TRAIL is already underway preparing for its 2023 edition. The event will take place from November 10 to 12, and will consist of 3 races per mountain.

As a volunteer@ you will be able to develop your skills and belong to the team of people who will be responsible for developing in the best possible way an event that will be an adventure for runners and companions.


The Trailgat Excursionist Club want to introduce the Prades Mountains and the Costa Daurada to Trail Running runners from all over the world, boost their tourism and give more visibility to this wonderful place. It's a great opportunity, a perfect time to showcase the culture, traditions, hospitality of the people and the wide variety of activities you have to offer.

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Areas in which you can collaborate:

Logistics and stewardship



Medical and health equipment

road safety

Marking and unmarking


Communication and Protocol

Departures and arrivals area 

Our organizing team

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