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25K Ermita de l'Abellera (EDA)

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12 NOVEMBRE 10:00H

5 horas
  • Profile and transit time
    Info in the runner's guide
  • Categories, metal awards and trophies
    Absolute male and female category 1st placed: €3,100 + trophy + registration 2024 edition 2nd placed: €1,800 + trophy + registration 2024 edition 3rd placed: €1,000 + trophy + registration 2024 edition 4th placed: €400 + trophy + registration 2024 edition 5 classifieds: €200 + trophy + registration 2024 edition Male and female categories: +35 +45 +55 First placed: trophy + gift 2nd placed: trophy + gift 3rd placed: trophy + gift *Complete prize regulations in ARTICLE 27 of the regulations
  • Compulsory material
    Vessel for liquid refreshment. There will be NO glasses at refreshments, (including the finish meal). Mobile phone with charged battery and roaming enabled. It must be on during the entire route External mobile phone battery. Minimum 5,000 mAh Whistle. The whistle allows us to call for help and be located with very little effort in emergency situations. Thermal blanket. The mandatory minimum surface must be 1.4m x 2.0m Mountain shoes and socks. They must cover the ENTIRE foot. Sandals are not allowed Front lamp + spare batteries (or front). It must be able to be carried on the forehead leaving the hands free. Waterproof breathable jacket with hood. WATERPROOF: Minimum 10,000 mm water column Schmerber Part of thermal clothing. That it covers the whole trunk, with long sleeves up to the wrists with the function of warming and facing low temperatures. Pants/Tights (long). They can be short if combined with socks or leggings) completely cover the legs without exposing the knees. Cap, beanie or tubular. It must cover the whole head. Gloves. They must cover the entire hand (including the fingers). Latex gloves are not allowed Water reserve. of one liter minimum Backpack. Adequate to the volume of the material and pace of running. Food reserve. Minimum 2 gels and 2 bars or similar Pharmacio. With elastic taping (minimum 80x3cm) and antiseptics. Recommended GPS (watch) With the latest version of the official race tracks. Samrtphone device with the track in the wikiloc app.
  • Provisions and their contents
    There are 3 types of replenishment: LIGHT: Water, isotonic, fizzy drinks, oranges, bananas, nuts and jellybeans SOLID: Water, isotonic, fizzy drinks, oranges, bananas, nuts, jelly beans, cheese sandwich, salty ham and sweet ham FULL: Water, isotonic, carbonated drinks, oranges, bananas, nuts, jelly beans, cheese sandwich, salty ham and sweet ham, chicken broth, vegetable broth, potato omelette, macaroni with tomato (vegan and gluten-free options available) * at the finish line, there is a complete refreshment, adding toast with sausage
  • External assistance
    Each participant may receive external personal assistance EXCLUSIVELY at the following refreshment points: AV4. ROJALS* (NOT RECOMMENDED. TRAVEL IN A LONG VEHICLE) AV6. CAPAFONT AV8. FEBRUARY At the rest of the refreshment points as well as at any point along the route, assistance will be totally prohibited. Each participant may only use personal assistance within the ASSISTANCE ZONE, which will be within a radius of between 50 and 100 meters around each refreshment tent. The limits of the ASSISTANCE ZONE will be properly marked on the route, with a start/end sign of the ASSISTANCE ZONE, so that it is clear where it starts and ends. The organization will be able to carry out equipment checks on the runners just before entering the assistance area.
  • Track and route
    The PROVISIONAL tracks will be available shortly on the official profile of the Trailcat Hiking Club. (button below). For different reasons, the tracks can receive modifications. On October 1st, the TRACKS that are in the Wikiloc account WILL BE THE OFFICIAL ones, although until the last moment and for reasons external to the organization they may vary It could be that the routes passed through private estates at some point and that the right of way was only for the date of the race. We ask that you respect private property
  • Bibs, prices and their content
    Backs available: 300 The registration price includes: • Dorsal with the right to participate in the 2023 edition of the Muntanyes de Prades Epic Trail • Exclusive commemorative technical shirt • Civil liability insurance for participants. • Marking of the route. • Dorsal with built-in chip. • Timing with live tracking platform by friends, family members and companions. • Centralized coordination of emergencies (PC CONTROL). • Own medical team with race assistance capacity equipped with vehicles and ambulances • Physiotherapy service (Prades civic centre) • Liquid and solid refreshments during the race. • Complete meal (FINISHER EXPERIENCE) at the Prades Civic Centre, once the runner has finished the race. The meal is exclusive to runners and you will need to show your bib to access the venue. • Cloakroom service (Centre Cívic de Prades). • Shower service (Prades sports area). • Finisher medal. • Diploma finisher. • Trophies and cash prizes for the first overall (article 27). • Trophies for the first three in each age category (article 27). • Free photo reportage. Promotional price: from March 15 to April 15: €110 * Price from April 16 until number plates run out: €150* *registration platform fees aside
  • Welcome Pack

El recorregut per trams


Prades - Ermita de l'Abellera 

El primer kilometre i mig de la cursa, passa per una pista ample fins a creuar la urbanització de la Cova del Vidre. Allí agafarem el GR 65.5 I ATENCIÓ PERQUE el camí s'estreta i es pot fer una mica de tap fins a l'ermita de Sant Roc (1,5km) i tornarem a trobar una pista ample fins a la primera gran baixada


Toll de l'Olla - Castellfollit

 Preparats per La primera gran pujada del recorregut? Es de 3km amb un desnivell de 500 metres  fins arribar al coll de la cova fumada. Desprès agafem el GR171 mig kilometre fins arribar al segon avituallament al Coll de la Cladereta i començarem la baixada fins al barranc de Castellfollit 


Tossal de la Baltassana - Pardes

Últim tram de 3km on el 98% es en baixada i ens portarà atravessant el corriol de Los Colomers de cap a la Plaça Major de Prades per arribar a meta


Ermita de l'Abellera - Toll de l'Olla 

Una baixada técnica i curta de 500 metres amb un 39% de inclinació ens espera al passar per l'Ermita fins arribar al camí dels rebollans,ample i comode durant 3 kms fins iniciar la pujada (camí de les Barrulles) al primer avituallament  situat a l'Ermita de la Mare de Deu de Les Barrulles. Seguirem el riu Brugent 2 kms fin al Toll de l'Olla


Castellfollit - Tossal de la Baltassana 

Última gran pujada de la cursa de 1,8km i 300 metres de desnivell que ens portarà a fer el cim mès alt de les Muntanyes de Prades, el Tossal de la Baltassana (1203m). Per a que no se us fací tant dur, a meitat de pujada trobareu l'avituallament del coll del bosc per agafar força.

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